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PCC Multiverse #184- Mulan Is Coming To Disney Plus For A Price, Microsoft Will Soon Take Filght Again, and Who’s Better, In-and-Out or Whataburger?

August 7, 2020
Let the great debate begin as Josh and Gerald break down the latest news and trends in pop culture including the big news of the week that the modern live-action remake of Mulan is headed to Disney + next month in numerous markets. What do the guys think of this turn of events and with the prospect of having to pay an extra $30 to see it, is it something that could be deemed both a good move for Disney and a win for viewers? The guys also spend some time talking about Ridley Scott's latest project, Raised by Wolves, that's coming soon to HBO Max and where the acclaimed director should attempt to do next to continue his stored resume'. Plus they chat about the Marvel's Avengers video game on the way from Square Enix, Microsoft's legendary Flight Simulator and its latest edition, and weighing in on the seemingly endless internet/social media debate on who's food is better, In-and-Out or Whataburger. All this and Jessica Boggs from thetvratingsguide.com is back for part one of her August TV update talking about the current results for TNT's The Alienist: Angel of Darkness and if it has a possibility for a third season.
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